Spalted Maple Wan Nari

Alexander de Vol
Spalted Maple Wan Nari by Alexander de Vol is a decorative piece crafted from finely turned Maple wood. Oversized and minimal footed, this vessel is turned from 'green' spalted Maple and inspired by the shape of traditional offering bowls. This piece is part of a series of minimalist forms in wood, highly influenced by the material itself. Each piece revealing the unpredictable nature of a once-living organism, the surfaces serving as a unique biographical signature on the vessel.
Material: Hand Turned Spalted Maple Wood
Dimensions: Height: 20cm, Length: 27cm, Width: 27cm
Care Instructions: Dust clean with a dry cloth
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Turned from Maple Wood, this piece is part of an ongoing investigation into the material properties of green wood. The vessel's thin walls allow the wood to warp naturally as it dries, creating an organic, asymmetric form. This work is very much informed by the processes involved, allowing the material itself to be given prominence.
The Maker Alexander de Vol Wood Artist - North West England

Alexander de Vol is a designer, artist and maker whose work investigates the material properties of wood and their transferal into other materials. Alexander uses a mix of traditional casting methods and new technologies to document the natural behavior and movement of the vessels which he crafts from 'green wood', while taking care to preserve the features he feels are aesthetically synonymous with the material's origin. Alongside his artistic practice, Alexander lectures in design at the University of Central Lancashire and his work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including Burberry’s Makers House in London.