Spindle Back Lounge Chair in Pitch Black

Spindle Back Lounge Chair in Pitch Black is crafted by Bibbings & Hensby. Inspired by the Windsor chairs of the British Isles, particularly those originating in Wales, each chair is made completely by hand using traditional hand tools only. Aiming to marry historic crafting techniques with contemporary design, Bibbings & Hensby make work that feels grounded and relevant, and is well-suited to modern interiors. This contemporary iteration of a much loved classic is made using the same method and spirit as each Windsor chair would have been. The use of a bold, black finish and distinctive, visible, tool marks emphasises the chair's geometry and hand-hewn surfaces.

This product is available in bespoke variations, please enquire for further details.

Material: Made from a variety of British timbers, mainly lime wood or tulip poplar, oak, ash, black milk paint and tung oil.
cm: Width 68cm, Depth 78cm, Height 93cm
inches: Width 26.8in, Depth 30.7in, Height 36.6in
Care Instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth
Lead Time: 12-16 weeks


Made using many traditional chair making methods. The spindles are split out of a log by hand and shaped with a drawknife; the seat is saddled, carved, and shaped using an adze and travisher (tools that enable them to achieve the most exacting curves and forms); and finally, the crest rail is steam bent. Each chair is made one at a time and will vary slightly from one to the next, as a result of the hand-focused techniques used in its making.
The Maker Bibbings & Hensby Furniture Maker - London

Jack Bibbings and Matthew Hensby make contemporary wooden furniture using traditional joinery techniques and hand tools. Bibbings & Hensby allow the principle of sustainability to guide working practices wherever possible and their London-based workshop is founded on traditional craft principles, which aim to connect the material and hand of the maker in the finished piece. Their work is characterised by a commitment to producing everyday pieces that are suited to modern homes.