Spring Frost Grinding Stone

Nicola Tassie
Spring Frost Grinding Stone by ceramicist Nicola Tassie is inspired by unearthed, centuries-old, grinding stones found in museums across the globe. Often used to grind the basic food staples, this set of grinding blocks pays homage to the endeavour of food production and to the practice of making in general. The block is decorated with multiple glazes to create a rich and tactile surface, and comes with a symbolic grinding stone. It can also be used as contemporary serving platter.
Material: Stoneware, decorated with a variety of glossy and matt glazes.
cm: Width 36cm, Depth 45cm, Height 8cm
inches: Width 14.2in, Depth 17.7in, Height 3.1in
Care Instructions: Wipe with a damp, soft cloth.


The sides are thrown on the wheel and stretched to an oval shape while still soft. A rolled out slab is then attached to the rim and gently sponged multiple times until it begins to sag. It is then decorated with layers of different glazes and oxides. The accompanying stone is thrown on the wheel, altered and glazed.
The Maker Nicola Tassie Ceramicist - London

Nicola Tassie is a ceramicist whose work focuses on pushing the conceptual and material possibilities of domestic forms. While her work evokes a sense of familiarity within the viewer, her pieces, through construction and approach, elevate themselves beyond their humble function into the realm of sculpture. A founder member of Standpoint Studios, Nicola works from her space following the tradition of producing small batch domestic ware, which often form the basis of more abstract still life sets and installations.