Starman Sculpture

John de Pauley
Starman Sculpture by Stonemason and Sculptor John de Pauley is a tribute piece which pays homage to icon David Bowie. The sculpture is cast in polished bronze and mounted on a Kilkenny Marble base from Ireland.

For this piece, Stonemason, John de Pauley plays with the idea of encapsulating the vastness of space and personifying heavenly bodies. Using contrasting materials of bright bronze on dark marble, the first version of 'Starman' was modelled in 2016 in homage to the icon David Bowie.
Material: Polished Bronze and Kilkenny Marble
cm: Width 20cm, Depth 16cm, Height 23cm
inches: Width 7.9in, Depth 6.3in, Height 9.1in
Care Instructions: If bronze becomes tarnished, clean with Brasso or similar and apply wax polish. Base can be gently wiped with damp cloth.

Using plaster of Paris over a wire armature, the plaster is moulded and set before carving. When complete a mould is made over the top from which a copy of the piece is cast in wax. This wax mould is what is finally used to cast the piece in bronze, and finally set onto a Kilkenny marble base.
The Maker John de Pauley Stonemason - South West England

John de Pauley has been a practicing stone mason for over 30 years. His craft is rooted in the traditional discipline of carving and expert restoration, having worked on some of the Nation's most important buildings of architectural significance. This deep understanding of the material delivers new forms that resonate with a peculiar and timeless beauty. His work emerges from the rich textures and colours quarried from Southwest England where John originally trained and has lived for over 20 years.