Steel Toasting Fork

John Churchill Blacksmith
Steel Toasting Fork by John Churchill Blacksmiths, is a functional piece with a black graphite finish.

This functional piece has been finished with high-temperature matt-black paint enriched with graphite. The fork is hand-forged in steel, and the prongs are merely polished as they are intended for use with food.
Material: Steel
Dimensions: Length: 52cm, Width: 6cm
Care Instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth
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John Churchill works from his own forge, favouring traditional methods of using heat and hammers to slowly shape and form his ironwork - a historic technique that has been adapted to meet the needs of a contemporary design.
Steel Toasting Fork
The Maker John Churchill Blacksmith Blacksmith - South West England

John Churchill Blacksmith is a small firm of blacksmiths and ironworkers, producing homewares and undertaking hand-forged ironwork commissions. John Churchill’s interest in iron started in 1978 when he enrolled as an apprentice welder in Clermont-Ferrand, France after being deeply inspired by the architectural heritage & surviving vernacular ironwork there. John went on to work as a welder in Sudan, fascinated by the techniques of traditional African metalsmiths, before setting up his UK business in 1988.