Studio Bloom

Katie Spragg
Studio Bloom by ceramicist Katie Spragg is a mixed media composition celebrating the urban nature of London.

Studio Bloom by ceramicist Katie Spragg is inspired by the plants found growing between cracks in the pavement outside her studio in Bermondsey. Featuring the plant Shepherd's Purse, the piece forces us to reconsider commonplace weeds, so often unnoticed, as we would flowers in a formal garden. Indeed, Katie explores the many metaphors she feels weeds represent. Why do social and environmental factors mean we value certain things and disregard others, for example. She also admires their resilience in spite of them being pushed to the margins of our created environments.
Material: Concrete, Porcelain.
Dimensions: Height: 25cm, Width: 20cm, Depth: 10cm.
Care Instructions: Maintain upright at all times. Can be lightly dusted by carefully blowing air on the grasses. Always lift from the base.
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Each porcelain plant is modelled by hand. The concrete is cast from modelled clay forms and one-off plaster moulds.
The Maker Katie Spragg Ceramicist - South East England

Katie Spragg is a ceramicist who creates unique hand-made sculptures which explore how nature continues to grow and thrive beyond the urban reality that now dominates many landscapes. Katie’s current work advocates the simple pleasure of being outside in nature, with her pieces often inspired by a specific place, whether it be Forde Abbey in Somerset where she was an artist in residence, or the pavement outside her studio in London.