Tall Ash Vessel III

Tall Ash Vessel III by Cornish woodturner Anthony Bryant. Inspired by windswept woodlands and the beauty of found timber, this decorative piece is a unique reflection of the natural world.

The inherent beauty of wood motivates Anthony to push his skills to new heights. Discovering the grain, and the way it affects the form of each piece, is central to his process. Working with fresh unseasoned wood is a journey of exploration, in which the surface reveals the story of the form.
Material:Ash Wood
cm: Width 32cm, Depth 32cm, Height 57cm
inches: Width 12.6in, Depth 12.6in, Height 22.4in
Care Instructions: Take care of fragile porcelain exterior. Gently hand wash in warm soapy water and leave to air dry.


Using handmade tools, Anthony turns each greenwood piece over the space of a few days. Each thin-walled vessel is then left to dry, during which it warps into shape. Anthony uses English wood (Oak or Ash) for its unique aesthetic and robust material properties.
The Maker Anthony Bryant Wood Artist - South West England

Anthony Bryant is internationally recognised for his work in 'green' woodturning. Working from his studio in Cornwall, Anthony creates work which stretches the potential of the material to its limits, both in scale and its breathtaking thinness. His thin walled green-turned wood pots showcase the technique he has developed since he began woodturning at the age of 13, with many pieces so fine the light shines through.