Tendre Penchant

Aude Van Ryn
Tendre Penchant by London-based ceramicist and illustrator Aude Van Ryn. This decorative terracotta sculpture belongs to a collection of one-off works exclusively for The New Craftsmen. Taking inspiration from various sources, from ethnographic photographs, architecture to graphic design, Aude’s works are surprising and playful. The use of terracotta and a variety of glazes enable Aude to manipulate shape, texture and colour to achieve warm and graphic results. Some sculptures emphasise movement while others are more rigid in form including small totems, strange figures, buildings and organic shapes. Regardless, each one is intriguing, with the human form a recurring theme in Aude’s work whether abstract or figurative.

Material: Terracotta, underglaze, glaze
cm: Width 9cm, Depth 5.5cm, Height 17cm
inches: Width 3.5in, Depth 2.2in, Height 6.7in
Care Instructions Wipe with a dry or very slightly damp lint free cloth


Aude often begins by creating a small model – or maquette – before building on a larger scale. Each artwork is hand-built from grogged terracotta clay. Pieces have been cut-out from slabs of clay and assembled to create an undulating, free-standing sculpture. White underglaze and hand-mixed lead based glazes are used to decorate the piece.
The Maker Aude Van Ryn Illustrator - South East England

Celebrated Belgian illustrator and ceramicist Aude Van Ryn creates handmade ceramic tableware, figurines and sculptures. She has developed a vibrant, abstract aesthetic, incorporating dots, lines and geometric shapes, alongside brightly coloured plants, flowers and birds. Aude Van Ryn moved to London aged 21 to study illustration at Central Saint Martins. She went on to study at the Royal College of Art and has been creating distinctive illustrations for publications such as The Guardian & The New Yorker.