Tenmoku Stoneware Beaker

James and Tilla Waters
A 'Tenmoku Stoneware Beaker' by James and Tilla Waters. With an earthy traditional quality, this piece has been turned and decorated on the wheel, fired twice, once before glazing and then afterwards at 1280 degrees.
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Tenmoku Stoneware Beaker
Tenmoku Stoneware Beaker
The Maker James and Tilla Waters Ceramicist - Wales

James and Tilla Waters are ceramicists based in an isolated part of Carmathenshire, Wales. Both fine art graduates, James and Tilla Waters trained under renowned English potter Rupert Spira before setting up their studio in 2002. James & Tilla are inspired by their rural settings, particularly the calm and space of the countryside which is reflected through their quietly confident wares. They have won numerous accolades including the Wesley-Barrell Craft Award and the Homes and Gardens Design Award.