Tenmoku Vessel

Matthew Foster
Tenmoku Vessel by ceramics artist Matthew Foster. Inspired by pattern and referencing Mingei and Leach Pottery traditions, this piece forms part of a series of new work - created exclusively for The New Craftsmen - which explores a wide range of practises. Honoring the Leach legacy with a contemporary mind set during the design process, Matthew has examined styles he loves, as well as those he dislikes, in order to question, learn and inform his pieces. The finished decorative pot communicates these discoveries. A Tenmoku glaze is used as it worked well over the ribbed pattern, carved with a fluting tool over two days whilst the pot continues to dry.

Material: Stoneware, Tenmoku glaze
Dimensions: Height: 33cm, Length: 24cm, Width: 24cm
Care Instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth
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After throwing on the wheel and leaving to dry, Matthew uses a fluting tool to carve into the piece before bisque firing. Once fired, the piece is covered in a Tenmoku glaze and high-fired in the reduction kiln.
The Maker Matthew Foster Ceramicist -

Ceramics artist Matthew Foster studied Fine Art at Kent University and after winning the Seasalt Bursary in 2009, he became an apprentice at Leach Pottery in Cornwall. Alongside growing his individual practice, Matthew continues to work as the Studio Production Manager at Leach Pottery and draws much inspiration from his contemporaries there. In line with an on-going exploration of the Mingei Philosophy (focusing on the beauty of ordinary, everyday craft), he is currently exploring peasant stonewares of the Korean Yi dynasty, Gongxian pottery, Tang dynasty, and porcelain pots from the Chinese Sung period.