Terracotta Medium Plate in Yellow

Silvia K Ceramics
Silvia K terracotta medium round plate, each individually decorated in various tones of grey, green, navy, teal and yellow in a tin glaze.

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Terracotta Medium Plate (Yellow) by The New Craftsmen


Each piece has been individually made from mid fired terracotta and coated in a light grey glaze. The iron present in the clay comes through the glaze creating a subtle speckled finish. The base is then polished with natural beeswax, which prevents water from soaking in during washing as well as bringing out the beautiful rich colour of terracotta.
The Maker Silvia K Ceramics Ceramicist - South East England

Silvia K Ceramics make ceramic tableware and terracotta vessels inspired by folk traditions and artefacts. Silvia’s work reflects a simple beauty - her surfaces are often left bare, apart from marks of gestural, vibrant slip. Coming from Slovakia, a country of rich cultural heritage, Silvia taps into the idea of social history to create modern interpretations of traditional designs. Silvia has won numerous awards including the Creazioni Giovani in Milan and One Year On New Designers Award 2013.