Thalia Vessel

Abigail Schama
Thalia Vessel is a one-of-a-kind vessel by London-based ceramicist Abigail Schama. Combining Abigail's interests in Japanese and Greek traditions, this piece resembles an oversized sake vessel with its elegantly curved form. It is playfully named after Thalia, one of the Three Graces in Greek mythology who represents festivity and is suitable for displaying flowers, or as a stand alone piece.
Material: Porcelain and grey clay
cm: Width 15cm, Depth 15cm, Height 36cm
inches: Width 5.9in, Depth 5.9in, Height 14.2in
Care Instructions: Wash by hand with mild soap or dust gently.


This vessel was thrown on the wheel, before being shaped by hand. Made from grey clay and porcelain, it has been decorated with subtle washes of pink, with a matt white glaze on the inside and a satin white glaze on the outside.
The Maker Abigail Schama Ceramicist - London

London-based ceramicist Abigail Schama studied Fine Art at Camberwell and Bristol, before taking an MA in Art Theory at Chelsea. Abigail pursued ceramics following a career in painting, drawn to the tactile and functional nature of the craft, and learnt the trade under the tutelage of Loewe Craft Prize nominee Akiko Hirai. Her recent work for The New Craftsmen is inspired by Greek mythology, paying homage to tradition while adhering to a more contemporary aesthetic.