The Imara Light

The Imara Light by London based furniture makers SASA Works is an experimental take on a traditional desk lamp combining both functional and playful elements, working with the idea of heavy and light. Each light is hand-crafted and therefore has its own unique form and character.

This piece is the product of playful experimentation within the SASA Works workshop, exploring aspects of 'heaviness' and 'lightness' through design and materiality. The addition of a hinged brass shade means that it can be opened and closed easily to effect the amount of light the lamp omits. The handcrafted processes involved means each lamp is completely unique, adding to its individual and sculptural quality. International wiring is available, please enquire for further details.
Material: Steel and brass
cm: Width 8cm, Depth 26cm, Height 36cm
inches: Width 3.1in, Depth 10.2in, Height 14.2in
Care Instructions: Carry from the base
Made to order (6 Weeks)


Focusing on the notion that the practice of architecture encompasses everything from buildings to artwork for the home, SASA Works strives to combine sustainable materials and a refined design aesthetic in their work. The base of The Imara Light is gas flame cut from 10mm thick steel and manipulated into shape. The shade is formed of brass.
The Maker SASA Works Designer & Craftsman - London

Founded in 2009 by architect and maker Craig Bamford, London based SASA Works brings a holistic approach to architecture, furniture and objects. Craig works with artist Louise Isik Sayarer to create work that fuses art, architect, craftspeople, and the environment. Seeking to create a poetic and refined relationship between materials and space, SASA Works produces work which brings joy into everyday functional objects.