The Lion and The Leopard Vessel

Laura Carlin
The Lion and The Leopard Vessel by Laura Carlin was inspired by Laura’s residency at Holkham Hall, facilitated by The New Craftsmen. In response to the nature in which Sir Thomas Coke - First Earl of Leicester who commissioned the design and build of Holkham Hall - curated his art collection, Laura has created a series of ceramic vessels. Her vases and bowls draw on the themes found in the paintings and statues collected by Coke and positioned in conversation with another. The Lion and The Leopard Vessel draws inspiration from The Roman Mosaic of the Lion and Leopard fighting which is hung above the grand fireplace in the Long Library at Holkham Hall. The detailed piece originated from an enormous Roman theatre in Gubbio in Umbria. Sometime in the 17th century it found its way to the gardens of the Palazzo Mignaelli in Rome. It was whilst in Rome, on his Grand Tour, that Coke of Norfolk purchased it. Laura’s vessel pays homage to the great detail of the striking piece housed at Holkham.

Material: Earthenware and Glaze
Dimensions: Width: 16cm, Depth: 16cm, Height: 19cm
Care Instructions: Lift from base and clean with a dry lint free cloth
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The Vessel is made using the method of coiling and hand building, made using a gorged earthenware clay. An underglaze is then applied using a variety of methods including washes, line work and sgraffito. The vessel is then glazed to finish.

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The Maker Laura Carlin Illustrator - South East England

Laura Carlin is an award winning London based ceramicist and illustrator, whose eye-catching designs and quirky sculptures have developed a cult following in the UK and abroad. Laura’s accolades include winning the Bratislava children’s book illustration awards, the first Brit to hold this title in twenty years. She has won the Quentin Blake Illustration Prize two years in a row whilst studying for her master’s at the Royal College of Art.