Tide Light

Matthew Raw
Tide Light designed by Matthew Raw is part of The New Craftsmen’s ‘Claylarks’ collection. The feature light is made from ceramic ‘sherds’ in a tonal palette of glazes and textured surfaces. Matthew took inspiration from the actual forms of the sherds he found while mudlarking and the Museum of London archive, where pottery sherds were laid out on fantastic blue tables and as a result their shapes became highly prominent. Matthew loved the mystery of their origins and purpose, as well as the way they had been worked by the river into graphic shapes. The glazes and textures in the Tide Light both reflect the shards Matthew found and his own rich glaze recipes, which could become found relics of the future. Aside from their individual stories, Matthew loved then arranging the pieces together to create various formations. Their form, how they overlapped, the space in between and the relationship between each colour and finish. The idea of different sherds coming together to create a composition and a story led to the Tide Light. The highly sculptural yet functional wall light casts an ambient glow from behind and can be commissioned in a range of bespoke glaze combinations.

Material: White and red earthenware clay, lead white slip
cm: Width 30cm, Depth 3cm, Height 38cm
inches: Width 11.8in, Depth 1.2in, Height 15in
Care Instructions: Dust with soft lint free cloth. Please note this item is extremely fragile and care should be taken when handling or installing in place.
Lead Time: 6-8 weeks


Matthew has rolled, shaped and textured slabs of clay to form this light. Some edges are cut - a poetic nod to their original ‘function’ - while others have organic edges, where the sherd has been changed by its experience. The pieces are positioned and bonded together over a bespoke three bud light.
The Maker Matthew Raw Ceramicist - London

Matthew Raw is a ceramic artist who explores the physical and communicative properties of the tile, using textures, colour and language to tell stories of people and place. Matthew completed the prestigious ceramics residency at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2015, in addition to winning a Jerwood Makers Award in 2014.

His projects span galleries, residency formats and education establishments, and he has shown work across the UK and internationally in the USA, Italy, France, Germany and Denmark. In 2020 he is working towards a large tiled mural for The University of Warwick ahead of Coventry’s UK City of Culture 2021.