Trailed Wine Glass

Christine Milne
Trailed Wine Glass by Christine Milne, a unique, functional piece crafted from borosilicate glass. Strings of hot glass are wound around the surface of the vessel to create a distinctive, tactile pattern.

Trailed Wine Glass by glass artist Christine Milne, crafted from highly durable borosilicate glass. This collection is inspired by everyday forms, from plants and seed pods to droplets of water, resulting in unique functional objects that aim to be satisfying to touch and a joy to use.
Material: Borosilicate glass
Dimensions: Height: 15cm, Width: 6cm
Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe
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Borosilicate glass tubing and rods are heated over a torch, rendering the glass soft enough to be manipulated into shape. The rod is heated to around 1300°C, then trailed like treacle to create a unique, relief pattern on the surface.
The Maker Christine Milne Glass Artist - Scotland

Christine Milne began her career as an artist, graduating from Gray's School of Art with a BA in Fine Art. She was subsequently awarded the John Kinross Scholarship to Florence where she focused on landscape painting. After becoming a professional member of Visual Arts Scotland, Christine moved to rural Southwest Scotland and was later introduced to the art of glassblowing. This led to a passion for the medium and the opportunity to build a home and workshop where she could develop her skills as a glass artist.