Tyg of Over Abundance I

Fitch & McAndrew
Tyg of Over Abundance I by slipware potters Doug Fitch and Hannah McAndrew is part of The New Craftsmen’s ‘Claylarks’ collection. Based in Scotland, the duo have always been fascinated by pots made in the UK and have spent many hours poring over archaeological reports of sherds and full pots found at various excavations. Their inspiration for this collection stems from their many visits to the Museum of London and mudlarking along the foreshore of the River Thames. Their aim was to create work with an echo of the past, whilst maintaining their own distinct voice. They found themselves enamoured by tygs, traditionally a multi-handled celebratory drinking vessel - a pot to share a dram. Tygs were often inscribed with memorable dates, their owners or mottos. The large, deceptively simple cylindrical form stands bold and proud as the beautifully embellished handles symbolise the sense of celebration and of gathering. The Tyg of Over Abundance I references the vessels with more handles, splitting the rim into smaller sections in order to share with a greater number of people. Each beautifully embellished handle symbolises the sense of celebration and of gathering.

Material: Red earthenware, slips, glaze
cm: Diameter 29cm, Height 20cm
inches: Diameter 11.4in, Height 7.9in
Care Instructions: Hand wash with warm soapy water. This item is glazed on the inside and therefore watertight.


Fitch & McAndrew’s pieces are simply decorated using traditional, natural slips. The oldest and perhaps the most vibrant of the English folk pottery traditions, slipware pottery, is created with slip - liquid clays which are poured and brushed onto the pieces. In many ways, their process of making pots has been used for centuries across the UK and further afield, but what makes their craft distinct is their unique decorative, application of slip.
The Maker Fitch & McAndrew Ceramicist - Scotland

Douglas Fitch & Hannah McAndrew are slipware potters based in Scotland. Drawing great inspiration on the heritage of British slipware, their pieces showcase traditional techniques applied in a contemporary way. Using a blend of earthenware clay sourced from Douglas’ birthplace, Devon, Fitch & McAndrew often work with warm palettes of chocolate brown and honey, inspired by their local landscape. All their dishes, pots and jugs are one-off pieces, richly detailed as well as functional.