Walnut & Marled Madder I

Catarina Riccabona
Walnut & Marled Madder I by Catarina Riccabona is part of the ‘Plant Explorations’ collection, facilitated by The New Craftsmen. Earlier this year, The New Craftsmen invited a select group of craftspeople to the Economic Botany Collections at Kew Gardens to examine and creatively respond to a myriad of objects and their narratives. The collection delves into humanity’s ever resourceful and ingenious making traditions with plants. In this work, Catarina considered the connection that only comes with handling earth, roots, leaves and materials derived from plants. The piece is made from hemp and natural raffia that has been dyed with dried walnut husks, which she came across whilst tending to an allotment in Luxembourg more than ten years ago. Using these materials brought back memories of working in the allotment and Catarina felt a deep connection to nature whilst making it.

Material: Hemp, linen, raffia, oak veneer frame
cm: Width 42.5cm, Depth 3cm, Height 43cm
inches: Width 16.7in, Depth 1.2in, Height 16.9in
Care Instructions: Dust the frame and glass. Keep out of direct sunlight, some fading might occur over time and is part of the nature of the piece.


This piece was hand-woven by Catarina on her floor loom. It is a double cloth construction, meaning two separate layers of fabric are woven simultaneously. They are only joined at the selvedges by the weft that continues from the top layer to the back and vice versa.
The Maker Catarina Riccabona Textile Artist - South East England

Catarina Riccabona is a loom weaver, working with natural materials such as linen, hemp and alpaca producing intricately woven throws, cushions and textile art. Since graduating from Textiles at Central Saint Martins, Catarina has gone on to develop her interest in sustainability, heavily influencing her creative approach. Drawing inspiration from tribal textiles, vintage grain bags and linen towels, each of Catarina Riccabona’s pieces are hand woven on a traditional loom from her studio in South East London.