Welcome Dining Table in Oak

Matthew Raw
Welcome Dining Table in Oak designed by Matthew Raw is part of The New Craftsmen’s ‘Claylarks’ collection. Drawing inspiration from building facades and historical surface application of tiled buildings, the 8-seater dining table is an evolution of the ceramicists Welcome cabinet range. The Welcome Dining Table has a solid oak top with two fully tiled cylindrical columns at the base, finished with two inlaid circular tiled areas on the surface, as though the columns emerge through the timber top. The hand-built tiles used on the table are the same proportion as the welcome range and come in a range of custom glazes, suitable for the top. Matthew has collaborated with two different craftspeople to product the forms on which he then applies his handmade tiles. Whilst Mudlarking on the River Thames, Matthew was fascinated by the pottery sherds that had washed up on the foreshore. He took inspiration from the sherds and their varied hues in creating the glaze for this table.

This table is available to commission in bespoke in a range of timbers and glaze options, please enquire for further details.

Material: Red stoneware clay, glaze, plywood, English oak, terracotta grout
cm: Width 230cm, Depth 93cm, Height 75cm
inches: Width 90.6in, Depth 36.6in, Height 29.5in
Care Instructions: Please enquire for details.
Lead Time: 12-14 weeks


Matthew hand rolls, trims, fires, glazes and installs each and every tile by hand. It is a lengthy process when repeated hundreds of times, but it allows him to produce a subtle range of finishes that can only be achieved this way. The clay is red stoneware clay, which reacts with the transparent glaze to create the colour. Matthew has collaborated with two different craftspeople to product the forms on which he then applies his handmade tiles. There is a plywood structure inside the columns for strength and stability and the surface of the table is made from solid English oak. The tiling is finished with terracotta grout.
The Maker Matthew Raw Ceramicist - London

Matthew Raw is a ceramic artist who explores the physical and communicative properties of the tile, using textures, colour and language to tell stories of people and place. Matthew completed the prestigious ceramics residency at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2015, in addition to winning a Jerwood Makers Award in 2014.

His projects span galleries, residency formats and education establishments, and he has shown work across the UK and internationally in the USA, Italy, France, Germany and Denmark. In 2020 he is working towards a large tiled mural for The University of Warwick ahead of Coventry’s UK City of Culture 2021.