White Five Piece Mobile II

Daniel Reynolds
White Five Piece Mobile II is a suspended decorative piece by ceramicist and sculptor Daniel Reynolds. It is composed of soft-edged geometric shapes, which rotate gently, leaving the viewer entranced.

Playful and pared-back, this abstract mobile was created from hand-formed ceramic and glass elements. It is a typical example of Daniel's work in recent years, which plays with illusions of light and space. Each of the five elements is crafted so that it remains in a permanent state of equilibrium.
Material: Porcelain, stoneware, glass and steel
cm: Width 72cm, Depth 119cm, Height 119cm
inches: Width 28.3in, Depth 46.9in, Height 46.9in
Care Instructions: Occasional gentle dusting with a cloth


This abstract mobile features handmade porcelain and stoneware elements and hand-fused opaque white glass. With three painted steel rods as its backbone, each element of the sculptural piece is suspended from fishing wire of varying thickness. The piece is designed to enhance its surroundings.

This film has sound

The Maker Daniel Reynolds Ceramicist - London

Daniel Reynolds is a sculptor and ceramicist, creating abstract mobiles, lighting, and large ceramic vessels. His work reflects the salient movements of the twentieth century, paying homage to British artists such as Victor Pasmore, Patrick Heron and William Scott. In contrast, his ceramic technique draws a direct line to the ancients, resulting in ample forms, enhanced through the use of simple colours and patterning. Daniel's work has recently been exhibited at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York.