Willow Exploration 23

Maggie Smith
Part of a series of works by Maggie Smith, Willow Exploration 23 is a decorative piece of natural sculpture exploring the full potential of the material. Drawing from a range of craft traditions, Maggie has employed papier-mache, skeining, and coiling techniques, to craft this unique collector's item.
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Willow Exploration 23
Willow Exploration 23
The Maker Maggie Smith Basket Maker - East Midlands

Maggie Smith is a contemporary basket maker based in Northampton. Maggie has a willow bed in Essex, where she produces her materials as well as garething materials from the local countryside. Employing a range of traditional basketry techniques, Maggie Smith creates modern interior pieces, including sculptural forms, large vessels, and baskets. Whilst much of her inspiration comes from the natural world, she enjoys experimenting and exploring materials that feed her creativity and drive her practice forward.