Winter Beast Freya

Frances Pelly

Winter Beast Freya is sculpted by Frances Pelly from wood grown on the artist’s own land. Envisioning fantastical beasts drawn from traditional Norse and Inuit stories, this hand-hewn sculpture is imbued with a relic-like quality.

This decorative piece is borne from nature, and inspired by the magic of Norse and Inuit literature. Recalling the special storytelling traditions of Orkney, where she lives and works, each object has been slowly and carefully, sculpted in wood to give the impression of weathered bone. Combining traditional craft techniques with a deep affinity to the wild and enchanting nature of surroundings, Frances’ work forges a connection to the cultural and physical world she inhabits.

Material: Wood, mock lime wax
Dimensions: Height: 39cm, L: 11cm Width: 10cm
Care Instructions: Dust with a small, soft brush and do not wash. Keep away from fire and bright sunlight.
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Frances’ process begins when thinning woodland around her property. Allowing natural shapes to inform her sculptures, she uses paler, home-grown wood such as willow, sycamore, elder and fuchsia. This piece was first stripped of bark, then carved using delicate hand tools and finally washed with a mock lime effect to give the work a gently polished finish; recreating the smooth, bleached effect of weathered wood or bone.
Winter Beast Freya
The Maker Frances Pelly Sculptor - Scotland

Frances Pelly has worked as a practicing sculptor since completing her postgraduate art degree in Dundee, having resided in Orkney since she was invited to be an artist in residence at the Highland Park Distillery more than 30 years ago. Frances draws a lot of inspiration from her surroundings, exploring the local land, seascape and flora in her unique forms. Frances has also travelled internationally with her work, having also completed notable residencies at Fort William Library, The Eden Project and on Baffin Island.