Wobble Ceiling Light (Small)

Alexandra Robinson
Wobble Ceiling Light (Small) is by London-based artist Alexandra Robinson. This textured and contemporary piece brings a calm focal point to any space.

This lighting design was originally created as a bespoke commission for a beautifully ornamented home of a private client in London. The textured, yet modern and restrained sensibility of the light was a perfect counterpose to its already decorated surroundings. Made from plaster, the classic conical form is a playful and contemporary reference to traditional plaster mouldings. International wiring is available, please enquire for further details.
Material: Plaster with natural white paint
cm: Width 55cm, Height 20cm
inches: Width 21.7in, Height 7.9in
Care Instructions: Dust or wipe with a damp, soft cloth. Handle with care.
Lead Time: 8-10 weeks


The light is created using a specially-made conical mould made of metal. White plaster is applied to the interior of the mould, integrating a supportive membrane to give the plaster and form greater stability. Once dried and removed from the mould, further plaster is slicked onto the exterior surface with a palette knife to create even more texture and interest. The edges of the form are purposefully left ‘unfinished’ giving the light’s strong silhouette a natural ‘wobble’. The piece is then finished with a coat of white paint, and comes with 1.5m of antiqued brass chain and a ceiling hook.
The Maker Alexandra Robinson Designer & Artist - London

Having grown up in a 15th century home surrounded by art and antiques, London-based artist and designer Alexandra Robinson developed a keen interest and eye for art, design and quality from a young age. Alexandra went on to finesse her drawing skills in Florence, receiving rigours training at the renowned Charles H. Cecil Studios. Upon returning to London, she spent time working at the British Fashion Council, before moving on to Christie's for 10 years expanding her knowledge of art and interior. She particularly finds inspiration from the 20th Century Art and Modern Design era that is still prevalent in today’s interiors, echoed in the clean, sculptural quality of her lighting pieces.

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