Aimee betts

Maker's story

Aimee Betts is an embroidery and textile artist specialising in traditional forms of stitching, knotting and fabric manipulation, which she translates into contemporary designs. Aimee’s versatile abilities have been applied widely – from textiles to lighting and architectural installations. Graduating in Mixed Media Textiles from the RCA, Aimee works as a Stitch & Fabric Art Practice Leader at Goldsmiths University. She is also an alumnus of the Crafts Council's UK Hothouse programme.


Aimee Betts combines fast processes such as digital embroidery and circular knitting machines, with the slow process of hand embroidery and braiding. Every project begins with a research trip wandering through museums and galleries to uncover hidden stories. Aimee's process involves deep consideration of the materials and techniques chosen, and she particularly likes her work to inspire a tactile response.


Explore a collection of cabinetry including sideboards, sidetables and bespoke options by Aimee Betts in collaboration with furniture designer Gareth Neal.