Maker's story

Viv Lee was born in Hong Kong and studied at Glasgow School of Art. After graduating, she remained in Glasgow and is still based there today, creating ceramics inspired by the beautiful irregularity of nature. Rather than seeking perfect symmetry in her work, Viv looks to organic forms – particularly the human body – and embraces the imperfect. Each piece is a unique work of art, which also serves a functional purpose. Her hand-built stoneware lamps have been exclusively created for The New Craftsmen.


Using the slow, hand-building techniques of pinching and coiling clay, Viv is guided by an intuitive response to her material. Sometimes Viv begins work with a loosely formed idea in her mind, but if the process of coiling clay draws her in another direction, she tries to remain fluid. The lamps are lightly textured and hand painted in several coats of underglaze and glaze, in a neutral palette of whites and earthy tones. The resulting ‘Wabi Sabi’ quality produces one of a kind pieces.


A sculptural collection of floor and table lamps exploring the materiality of clay and the metaphor of body as vessel.