Maker's story

Having grown up in a 15th century home surrounded by art and antiques, London-based artist and designer Alexandra Robinson developed a keen interest and eye for art, design and quality from a young age. Alexandra went on to finesse her drawing skills in Florence, receiving rigorous training at the renowned Charles H. Cecil Studios. Upon returning to London, she spent time working at the British Fashion Council, before moving on to Christie's for 10 years expanding her knowledge of art and interior. She particularly finds inspiration from the 20th Century Art and Modern Design era that is still prevalent in today’s interiors, echoed in the clean, sculptural quality of her lighting pieces.


Alexandra designs functional art. She begins by making a paper model which she places in her home, to establish the scale and size of the piece. Alexandra then works with local British craftsmen who share her desire for good quality well-made pieces to create a mould of her design, from which a resin form is made and layers of white plaster slicked to its surface with a palette knife to create texture and interest. Alexandra has an expansive knowledge of art and interiors and her lighting collection, developed exclusively for The New Craftsmen, sits well within all types of interior schemes, thanks to the textured, yet modern, white plaster aesthetic.


Explore a collection of exclusively developed sculptural wall and pendant lighting.