Maker's story

Jack Bibbings and Matthew Hensby make contemporary wooden furniture using traditional joinery techniques and hand tools. Bibbings & Hensby allow the principle of sustainability to guide working practices wherever possible and their London-based workshop is founded on traditional craft principles, which aim to connect the material and hand of the maker in the finished piece. Their work is characterised by a commitment to producing everyday pieces that are suited to modern homes.


Bibbings & Hensby make their pieces from a variety of British timbers, mainly lime wood or tulip poplar, oak and ash. The timber is chosen for its ability to carve well, while the finishes (black under milking paint and tung oil) have been selected for their unique ability to accentuate the textures left by the tools, whilst also providing a protective but breathable layer. All materials are completely natural and produce a durable finish.


Explore a collection of cabinetry including sideboards, dressers,shelving and bespoke options by London based workshop Bibbings & Hensby.