Studio AMOS

Maker's story

Based in East Sussex, Studio AMOS is a craft studio headed up by Annemarie O'Sullivan and Tom McWalter. They make contemporary works using ancient British basket-making techniques. The team grow around 20 varieties of willow, which they harvest by hand on a half-acre plot near their home. Working from a wooden studio in her garden, Annemarie and the team create both small-scale domestic objects and larger woven sculptures. Their baskets have been featured in The New York Times, The Irish Times, House and Garden and Country Living.


Studio AMOS are invested in organic, sustainable practice. Engaging with every step from harvesting to weaving, their work draws on the curves of the landscape and demonstrates a connection with nature that results in beautiful baskets, steeped in history. Master weaver Annemarie has travelled and learnt from makers of different traditions, collaborating along the way, always mindful to acknowledge the extraordinary legacy of the makers who came before.


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Studio AMOS in collaboration with gareth neal