Catarina Riccabona

Maker's story

Catarina Riccabona is a hand weaver, working with natural materials such as linen, hemp and alpaca, producing intricately woven throws and textile art. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins, where she studied Textiles, she has gone on to develop her interest in sustainability, heavily influencing her creative approach. Drawing inspiration from tribal textiles, vintage grain bags and linen towels, each of Catarina’s pieces are hand woven on a traditional loom from her studio in South East London.


Each of Catarina’s pieces are highly individual, characterised by the slight irregularities typical of handmade objects. Her approach is intuitive, with the design often forming spontaneously while sitting at the loom. Hand-weaving offers flexibility and allows the use of ‘complicated’ materials such as knotted cut-off yarns. Catarina makes full use of these freedoms througout the process, producing work of such quality and texture that can only be achieved by handweaving. For her, this is one of the most fascinating and rewarding motivations for making.