The Skib by Joe Hogan is a traditional Irish basket used for straining and serving potatoes. After use it was washed and hung on the kitchen wall to dry and in this way began to be seen as a decorative object. Joe Hogan pioneered the use of different varieties of willow in weaving the base to enhance this decorative effect.

Skibs are a traditional basket from West Ireland. These serving baskets were made to be centrepieces, whether placed in the middle of a table during a meal or hung on the walls to form a striking wall decoration. Joe Hogan grows his own willow, working with over 20 different varieties, harvesting annually from late November to mid-March. The willow is then dried and soaked in a process taking up to 18 days before becoming pliable and weaveable.

Material: Willow
cm: Length 68.5cm, Width 68.5cm, Height 10cm
inches: Length 27in, Width 27in, Height 3.9in
Care Instructions: Dust with a feather duster

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