Imogen Bright Moon

Maker's story

Imogen Bright Moon is an artist-maker who uses spinning and weaving processes to transform raw materials into exquisitely crafted textile objects. Her contemporary weave practice combines traditional skills, and a storytelling sensibility, gathered from her background in costume design, fashion pattern cutting and puppetry, tailored to the needs of her young family.  Working exclusively with ethically sourced materials and suppliers, every step of the creation of her work – from field to final piece – is transparent and traceable.  The resulting pieces are unique, deeply personal modern heirlooms, enhancing a connection to home.


At the heart of Imogen’s practice lies the story of the wool, ethical and traceable, from field to final piece. From ethically and locally sourced regional fleece, which is then hand spun and blended, Imogen spins yarn that becomes an individual memory of that day and thinking. The wool is then washed, weighted and dried, twisted into skeins ready for weaving on the loom.