Western Red Cedar Bark Basket
Western Red Cedar Bark Basket
Western Red Cedar Bark Basket
Western Red Cedar Bark Basket

Western Red Cedar Bark Basket

Western Red Cedar Bark Basket by Nick McMillen is a square based basket is made using the inner bark from cedar trees (Thuja plicata). Nick creates elaborate patterns influenced by scientific advances in biology, mathematics and physics. By merging these concepts with primitive technologies, he wants to explore the advantages and disadvantages of our modern world.

Nick McMillen is a botanical artist and basket maker. For his basket making and weaving, Nick specialises in using tree barks, mainly sweet chestnut bark (Castanea sativa), and western red cedar bark (Thuja plicata). He works closely with woodland owners to harvest his materials as part of their management plans using low impact techniques. All the harvested material is prepared on site and then stored until needed. Nicks weaving techniques and basketry is mainly influenced by North West Canadian cedar weavers and American cane and ash splint basketry. But he is always on the hunt for interesting ideas from basket weavers all over the world.

Material: Western Red Cedar Bark Basket Inner bark of cedar (Thuja plicata), iron vinegar
cm: Length 29cm, Width 30cm, Height 21cm 
inches: Length 11.4in, Width 11.8cm, Height 8.3in 
Care Instructions: Dust with a feather duster

This particular piece has sold but similar items can be commissioned.

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Some of the cedar bark has been dyed using iron vinegar to turn it black. The style of a square base going into a round border is a very common design to baskets made using flat materials and would have been used as storage baskets for foods stuffs or made more elaborate and used to store important or ceremonial items.