Cannikin 1
Cannikin 1

Cannikin 1

Max Bainbridge’s Cannikins, named after a term for a drinking vessel, reference the domestic, nodding to historical functional vessels through their form and size.

Crafted to nestle within a person’s hands, these small scale scultpural works have moved beyond the functional, though they embody reverence for their domestic origins.

This collection is produced from a single section of a Beech tree that came down near Max’s studio. The cannikins were excavated from close to the heart of the tree, which had rotted, and in doing so bestowed the surrounding remaing wood with viens of beautiful spalting. The form of these vessels references the shape of the tree itself and the ringed cross sections from whence they came.

These pieces are sold separately and are numbered as pictured from left to right.

Materials: Spalted beech wood
cm: From Height 12cm to 13.5cm
inches: From Height 4.7in to 5.3inn

Care Instructions: Wipe with a damp cloth

This particular piece has sold but similar items can be commissioned.

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