Hampson Woods

Hampson Woods design and produce a range of wooden boards, from their studio in Hackney, London. Inspired by the grace and beauty of timber, Hampson Woods carefully craft pieces that retain a simple and timeless elegance. Everything is made in small batches, with the provenance of the timber being carefully researched before production. Hampson Woods believe it is key that all their work is a pleasure to make, and a pleasure to use - pleasing to the hand, and to the eye.

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Hampson Woods

South East England

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I realised working timber by hand is a simple and honest pleasure, and that the grain of most trees is beautiful in its own right - so my job as a wood-worker fell into place. I take inspiration from nature and aim to create something well-made and long-lasting; mirroring the elegant and purposeful design of the tree.

Jonty HampsonCo-Founder of Hampson Woods


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