Malgorzata Bany

Malgorzata Bany is an artist and designer specialising in Jesmonite based in London. Working across a wide range of disciplines including sculpture, furniture and homewares her work adheres to the principles of sensuality, tactility and minimalism. Malgorzata’s work has frequently been described as blurring the lines between art and design. Having completed her MA at The Slade School of Fine Art, Malgorzata Bany continues to work in association with the university to develop her own pigments and research materials.

Artist & Designer

Malgorzata Bany

South East England

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Malgorzata’s work is a sublime balance of sensuality and restraint; a whisper of a curve, the lightest blush of colour, a trace of texture. She applies the same consideration to simple domestic objects as she does to monumental sculptural furniture and, in doing so, creates moments of ritual and serenity in the everyday.

Natalie MeltonCo-Founder of The New Craftsmen


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