Michael Ruh

Michael Ruh is a celebrated glass artist creating blown glass pieces with a modern aesthetic. Since establishing his Studio in 2004, Michael has worked with simple, traditional tools that have been used throughout the centuries to craft exquisite tableware, lighting and home accessories. Michael’s forms are each marked with his signature technique of scribing lines across the surface of each vessel. The technique is reminiscent of Japanese Bokuseki calligraphy- each stroke being applied with intent and assertion.

Glass Artist

Michael Ruh

South East London

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The thing that attracts me to glass is its ability to take up a line and freeze a shape. Looking at my work, people say that it looks organic. But it requires a lot of physical exertion to make glass look organic. I love the idea that the objects I make look like I was just accompanying them along the way to being natural.

Michael RuhGlass Artist


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  1. Collum Vase (Small) (Blush)
    Collum Vase (Small) (Blush)
  2. Collum Vase (Medium) (Blush)
    Collum Vase (Medium) (Blush)
  3. Collum Vase (Large) (Blush)
    Collum Vase (Large) (Blush)
  4. Sphaera Vase (Small) (Smoke)
    Sphaera Vase (Small) (Smoke)
  5. Collum Vase (Small) (Smoke)
    Collum Vase (Small) (Smoke)
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    Michael Ruh
    Out of stock
  6. Collum Vase (Medium) (Smoke)
    Collum Vase (Medium) (Smoke)
  7. Sphaera Vase (Small) (Alabaster)
    Sphaera Vase (Small) (Alabaster)
  8. Collum Vase (Small) (Alabaster)
    Collum Vase (Small) (Alabaster)
  9. Collum Vase (Large) (Alabaster)
    Collum Vase (Large) (Alabaster)
  10. Sphaera Vase (Small) (Blush)
    Sphaera Vase (Small) (Blush)
  11. Sphaera Vase (Large) (Smoke)
    Sphaera Vase (Large) (Smoke)
  12. Sphaera Vase (Large) (Blush)
    Sphaera Vase (Large) (Blush)
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Products 1-12 of 54 found