White Willow Oval Cyntell
White Willow Oval Cyntell
White Willow Oval Cyntell

White Willow Oval Cyntell

White Willow Oval Cyntell by Clare Revera is a traditional Welsh framed farm basket which was historically used for many purposes around the farm. It was mainly found in West Wales where it was woven from materials found in hedgerows around the farm.

This basket is a simple functional version and would have traditionally been used for foraging or any other storage or gathering purpose around the home and garden.

The pattern of these baskets has been handed down through the generations. This basket is inspired by old photographs of D J Davies - the last maker of these baskets - who was diligent in passing on his skills. It is a contemporary adaptation which would be suitable as a baby cradle or a beautiful storage basket.

Material: Stripped white willow
cm: Length 93cm, Width 66cm, Height 27cm
inches: Length 36.6in, Width 26in, Height 10.6in
Care Instructions: Dust with a feather duster

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The frame and ribs of the basket were made using adapted versions of the original formers and 12ft willow which was hand stripped to give long enough lengths for splitting and shaving for the ribs. The hoop is double thickness so that the joins in the rods can be staggered around the circumference of the basket - adding strength as well as beauty.