A Turning Collage

A Turning Collage is a unique, framed artwork by Jo Waterhouse depicting folk characters in a woodland scene. Using pre-existing materials, Jo has created this artwork as a reflection on the fragility of our planet and how our well intentioned actions can still have a negative impact on nature. Each person depicted in the collage walks right to left, while nature is shown moving in the opposite direction.

Material: Squares paper, cardboard packaging, gouache, mounted on laid paper.
cm: Width 174.5cm, Depth 3cm, Height 49.5cm
inches: Width 68.7in, Depth 1.2in, Height 19.5in
Care Instructions: Dust with dry lint free cloth
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Jo uses a treasure-trove of materials to build her pieces, including gold leaf, marbled paper and vintage sketchbooks unearthed in car boot sales. She hand-cuts a variety of papers to layer, adding her own painting and drawings too. When creating, Jo allows ideas to develop naturally, slowly building layers until satisfied with the story the work is telling. Sometimes pieces follow a linear development, other times pictorial elements are borrowed from other pictures. Her one-off artwork is then mounted on paper handmade in the UK and custom-framed.
The Maker Jo Waterhouse Illustrator - East of England

Jo Waterhouse is an illustrator and textile designer based in the town of Hitchin in East England. Jo studied at the Dartington College of Arts and originally worked in antiques before starting her illustrative practice. During this time she learnt about historic materials and designs - elements that have greatly influenced her work. Jo Waterhouse’s pieces draw heavily on her surroundings and British folk traditions. Her characterful illustrative are lush with patterns, textures and surprising details.