Allin Rectangular Cushion

Hollie Ward
Allin Rectangular Cushion by textile artist Hollie Ward. Hollie is driven by the intrigue and fascination in the way relationships and attachments are formed to objects which we, as humans, cannot always fully understand. Striving to create pieces that will be treasured across generations, Hollie's work has a timeless quality, capturing memories and experiences for years to come. This decorative piece is made from 100% wool and inspired by Hollie's time spent on a residency in Iceland, working solely with local materials.
Material: 50% Icelandic Wool, 40% Cotton and 10% Cashmere. 100% Duck feather with 100% cotton lined inner.
cm: Width 38cm, Height 58cm
inches: Width 15in, Height 22.8in
Care Instructions: Gently hand wash in lukewarm water
image Haleen
image Carelion


From start to finish, Hollie produces no waste and uses no electricity. Using British wool – reared and spun in Shetland – the fabric is expertly woven on an eight-shaft jack loom. Finally, each piece is sewn together by hand using leftover yarns from the warp to ensure nothing is wasted.
The Maker Hollie Ward Textile Weaver - London

Based in South East London, Hollie Ward creates one-off pieces handwoven from surplus yarn, as well as British and Icelandic wool. Having recently graduated with a First Class BA (hons) in Textile Crafts, specialising in woven fabrics, Hollie's first interiors collection has been developed exclusively for The New Craftsmen. Hollie draws inspiration from fabrics woven with history, and incorporates experimental elements into her work.