Angled Vessel

Robyn Cove
Angled Vessel by Robyn Cove presents a contemporary take on traditional Korean and Japanese pottery. When making, Robyn discards prescriptive reference material and allows the work to form gradually, developing her idea over several months before she begins to build. Her intention was to create a softly angled piece, using intuition and subconscious flexes to shape the final work. The resulting vase has a wonderfully unique, and graceful, silhouette.

Material: Stoneware black clay and oatmeal glaze
Dimensions: Height: 19cm, Length: 25cm, Width: 25cm
Care Instructions: Clean with a damp cloth
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This vessel was hand built with Robyn’s own stoneware black clay blend. After throwing the base at the wheel, Robyn builds using flattened coils, which are then blended and condensed with a variety of tools. Before firing, the rim is shaped and rounded on the potter's wheel. Once fired, the piece is covered in an oatmeal glaze and brushwork detail applied by hand. The thickness of the glaze encourages slippage; creating an impression of movement and distinctive variety on each surface.
The Maker Robyn Cove Ceramicist - Wales

Robyn Cove received her BA in Ceramics from Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2008 and has been making pots ever since. Drawing inspiration from both traditional and contemporary practices, Robyn’s most apparent references are Korean, Japanese and British studio pottery. Her work is full of rustic warmth, combining subtle lines and textures with a special stoneware clay blend, which produces toasted-oatmeal coloured ceramics. Each vessel created by Robyn for The New Craftsmen is instinctively produced, and one-of-a-kind.