Apollo Lamp

Nicola Tassie
Apollo Lamp by Nicola Tassie, a dynamic functional piece inspired by French New Wave pottery from the 1960s.

Apollo Lamp by ceramicist Nicola Tassie. Inspired by the work of French New Wave potters from the 1960's, who blurred the boundaries between sculptural and functional objects, the piece takes its name from the Apollo, the Greek god of light. Exploring how light reflects and absorbs across the different surfaces, the sculptural form also presents the illusion of a column of stacked domestic pots.
Material: Stoneware, decorated with a variety of glossy and matt glazes.
Dimensions: Height: 70cm, Width: 20cm
Care Instructions: Wipe with cloth.
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The lamp bases is created from an accumulation of discarded pots which had originally been rejected for various reasons, such as wrong size or inaccurate form. These parts were then ‘recycled’ - into a ‘non-designed’ structure, depicting the idea of a column of stacked pots.
Apollo Lamp
The Maker Nicola Tassie Ceramicist - South East England

Nicola Tassie is a ceramicist whose work focuses on pushing the conceptual and material possibilities of domestic forms. While her work evokes a sense of familiarity within the viewer, her pieces, through construction and approach, elevate themselves beyond their humble function into the realm of sculpture. A founder member of Standpoint Studios, Nicola works from her space following the tradition of producing small batch domestic ware, which often form the basis of more abstract still life sets and installations.