Barking up the Wrong Log IV

Barking up the Wrong Log IV by London-based industrial artist Charlotte Kingsnorth. This piece is inspired by identity and masks, with the reimagined bark.

This piece came about whilst exploring ideas around identity and masks, and Charlotte's interest in deconstructed archetypes, as well as Jean Baudrillard's concept of hyperreal and the inability to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality. Cloaked in a reimagined bark, the notched markings found on the surface mimic the organic bark of the birch tree which Charlotte has playfully 'borrowed' and redefined. This piece has been designed as a seat that accompanies the Barking Up The Wrong Table, or it can also be used itself as a low side table.
Material: Kiln dried oak
cm: Width 26cm, Height 45cm
inches: Width 10.2in, Height 17.7in
Care Instructions: This piece is heavy, do not put too much weight on the base edge. Wipe with damp, lint-free cloth


The oak log is de-barked and blackened using a charring technique from 18th century Japan. This method of preserving wood is called ‘shou sugi ban’. The bark markings are made by hand. This piece is made from surplus timber which would usually be used as firewood.
The Maker Charlotte Kingsnorth Artist & Designer - London

Charlotte Kingsnorth is a pioneering designer who trained under Toord Boontje at the Royal College of Art in 2012, before setting up her own London-based practice. Charlotte’s work melds functionality with a personal exploration of materiality, form, and the subversive. Having first presented her work at Design Miami in 2017, The New Craftsmen recently collaborated with Charlotte during the creation of her lichen patina furniture collection to develop new applications for this unique technique. Charlotte has also created work for Bill Gates, Fendi, SHOWStudio, Christies, and the V&A.