Beaufort 13/360 (Kinetic Sculpture)

William Waterhouse
Beaufort 13/360 by multi-disciplinary maker William Waterhouse, is a decorative kinetic sculpture that is activated by the flow of air in an interior space, and enhanced by the air compressor. The brass piece is inspired by the structure of natural forms, such as plant stems, and how they can be stimulated by the fragile flow of water. The piece includes an air compressor.
Material: Brass.
cm: Height 120cm
inches: Height 47.2in
Care Instructions: Wipe with lint-free cloth.
Installation: Not included, enquire for more information.
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The Maker William Waterhouse Multi-Disciplinary Designer - South East England

William Waterhouse is a multi-disciplinary kinetic designer producing installations, furniture and homewares in Peckham, London. William’s process is an exploration of materials driven by a thirst for new techniques. Movement and mechanisation characterise his work, from lively fanned chandeliers to kinetic wooden toys. His design ethos is driven by a simple, playful curiosity, an approach that has made him a frequent collaborator with other design studios and brands including JamesPlumb.