Big Spyug Soapstone Carving

Frances Pelly
Big Spyug Soapstone Carving by Frances Pelly is a decorative stone piece, named after the Scottish word for ‘Sparrow’ and is inspired by traditional Netsuke sculptures and Inuit carvings. Frances crafted this sculpture to connect others to the tactility of the material, by creating a form which is irresistible to touch. These miniature sculptures are inspired by Frances' Orcadian surroundings - both naturalistic and agrarian - and are typical features of the island’s fauna and landscape. Accustomed to working with harder, locally-sourced stone, carving in Asian soapstone offers something of a respite for Frances within her practice.

Material: Soapstone
Dimensions: Height: 5.5cm, Length: 6cm, Width: 13cm
Care Instructions: Wipe gently with a cloth
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Frances sources inspiration from drawings and photographs, and then carves directly into the soapstone using rifflers, hacksaw blades and needle files. The tactile, smoothness of the piece is then achieved using sandpaper.
The Maker Frances Pelly Sculptor - Scotland

Frances Pelly has worked as a practicing sculptor since completing her postgraduate art degree in Dundee, having resided in Orkney since she was invited to be an artist in residence at the Highland Park Distillery more than 30 years ago. Frances draws a lot of inspiration from her surroundings, exploring the local land, seascape and flora in her unique forms. Frances has also travelled internationally with her work, having also completed notable residencies at Fort William Library, The Eden Project and on Baffin Island.