Black Stoneware Sculptural Form IV

Bronwen Grieves
Black Stoneware Sculptural Form IV by Bronwen Grieves is a minimalist sculptural form made from gritty stoneware, left unglazed and incised with lines to further enhance the clay’s texture. Bronwen is inspired by her surroundings, both natural and man-made. She allows the aesthetic of the piece to develop during the making process and the simple finish of the item is purposefully utilitarian in style, referencing industrial machinery such as water towers and dockside machinery.

Material: Stoneware
Dimensions: Width: 10.5cm, Depth: 10cm, Height: 33.5cm
Care Instructions: Dust with feather duster or compressed air can
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The vessels are built up using flattened coils of grogged stoneware clay, incised with vertical or horizontal lines to reveal the rough texture of the clay. The materiality of Bronwen's work is important to her – she uses gritty clays, which are strong, to hand-build objects that are fragile.
The Maker Bronwen Grieves Ceramicist - East Midlands

Bronwen Grieves is a Nottingham based ceramicist who creates decorative vessels that balance structure with fluidity. Largely self taught, Bronwen has been refining her ideas and process over the course of three decades. Using both organic and manmade forms as a reference point, Bronwen is interested in the plinths, legs and arches which hold up constructions, such as bridges and water-towers, and incorporates these ideas into her forms. Bronwen creates pieces that are purposefully utilitarian in style.