Charcoal Garden Posey Oval Platter (Small)

Rachael Cocker
Charcoal Garden Posey Oval Platter (Small) is a vibrant, floral piece from a new collection by ceramicist Rachael Cocker.
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The Maker Rachael Cocker Ceramicist - East of England

Ceramicist Rachael Cocker creates playful ceramic pieces decorated with white slip and blue cobalt oxide, a combination which has become synonymous with her work. Rachael has a BA Hons in Illustration from the Edinburgh College of Art, and went on to develop her first range of ceramic pieces during an art residency in Norwich. Her work has since been exhibited and displayed in galleries across the UK. Rachael’s collection of floral stoneware tableware features moulded, scalloped platters as well as jugs and wheel-thrown bowls.

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