Farm Life Romantic Vase

Polly Fern
Farm Life Romantic Vase is a one-of-a-kind piece by illustrator and ceramicist Polly Fern, inspired by her grandparents dairy farm. The shape of the vase is reminiscent of a milk urn, and features cobalt illustrations which pay homage to her grandmother's collection of blue bovine-inspired pottery. This item can be used for decorative purposes, as well as displaying floral arrangements.
Material: White Earthenware.
Dimensions: Height 18cm, Width 11cm.
Care Instructions: Gently hand wash in lukewarm water.
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Hand-built from white earthenware clay slabs, Polly first makes templates of her vases from paper then recreates them in clay. Each vase is decorated with slip trailed details, before it is fired, dipped in a tin glaze and hand-painted with oxides and stains.
The Maker Polly Fern Ceramicist - East of England

Based in Norwich, Polly Fern is an illustrator and ceramicist who creates tin-glazed ceramic pieces. Polly has a BA First Class in Illustration from Norwich University of The Arts and her work has been displayed in various, world-renowned international galleries, including The Sainsbury Centre in Norwich and The MET Museum in New York. Polly’s work is illustrated by hand with drawings inspired by places, historical events and childhood stories, making each object an original work of art.