Four White Jugs after Morandi

Nicola Tassie
Four White Jugs by ceramicist Nicola Tassie is a composition of four wheel-thrown jugs taking inspiration from Morandi's still lives.
Four White Pitchers by ceramicist Nicola Tassie is a still life set of four thrown jugs, inspired by Nicola’s fascination with the paintings of the Italian artist Morandi. Based on Morandi’s extravagant painting of a large enamel jug with flared cup head and looping handle, this still life set brings Nicola’s version of that jug into the foreground, bathing it in light while evoking a softness and liquidity to mirror the tone of the paintings.
Material: Red Stoneware, white Slip.
Dimensions: Height: 21cm, Width: 16cm (each jug).
Care Instructions: Wipe with damp cloth.
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Nicola Tassie’s pieces display a defiantly clean form and experimental use of texture, colour and technique, her restrained shapes representing the ideal surface for her considered applications.
Four White Jugs after Morandi by Nicola Tassie
The Maker Nicola Tassie Ceramicist - South East England

Nicola Tassie is a ceramicist whose work focuses on pushing the conceptual and material possibilities of domestic forms. While her work evokes a sense of familiarity within the viewer, her pieces, through construction and approach, elevate themselves beyond their humble function into the realm of sculpture. A founder member of Standpoint Studios, Nicola works from her space following the tradition of producing small batch domestic ware, which often form the basis of more abstract still life sets and installations.