Gold Woven Ring I

Lucie Gledhill
Gold Woven Ring I by Lucie Gledhill. A delicate, handwoven gold wire ring inspired by ancient practices and methods.
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I use the traditional technique of rope chain, constructing from individual soldered links. I have developed the technique by reducing the wire thickness which allows for small mistakes, slips of the hand or unconscious gestures. These create a feeling of wild time worn rope and bring the technique to life.
Lucie GledhillJewellery Maker
The Maker Lucie Gledhill Jewellery Maker - South East England

Lucie Gledhill is a jeweller working with precious metals applying low-tech techniques such as wire weaving and chain making, in a repetitive method similar to weaving and embroidering textiles. Having developed a deep understanding of her material, she applies her knowledge to push precious golds and silvers to their physical limits. Since graduating from The Royal College, Lucie Gledhill has set up a teaching studio in East London called Made By Ore – offering workshops in the local area.

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