Hydra Wall Hanging

Maria Sigma
Hydra Wall Hanging by textiles artist Maria Sigma is a hand-woven artwork inspired by illustrations from a book titled The Misunderstood Monsters of Greek Mythology. Maria draws inspiration from a variety of elements including nature, music and poetry, but perhaps most significantly, she looks to her own Greek heritage. The title of this piece takes its name from Hydra of Lerna, the serpentine water monster whose lair in Lerna was reputedly an entrance to the underworld. Purposefully weaving so that the solid blocks at the top of the piece gradually begin to disintegrate, Maria reveals beautifully rippled layers of undyed British wool, in shades of whites, greys and Welsh black.

Material: Natural undyed British wool
cm: Width 0.5cm, Depth 155cm, Height 172cm
inches: Width 0.2in, Depth 61in, Height 67.7in
Care Instructions: Hang using the wooden pole at the back. Dry clean only


This one-off piece is hand-woven using two warps layered on top of one another. With more than 1,600 strands of wool in total, Maria weaves the two overlapping cloths simultaneously, creating blocks of solid weave at first, before continuing to relax the weave and leaving the rest of the warp exposed.
The Maker Maria Sigma Textile Artist - London

Maria Sigma is a textiles designer and specialist hand-weaver who grew up in Greece surrounded by hand-made textiles. After completing her degree in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art and receiving investment support from The Prince's Trust and Virgin Start-Up Scheme, Maria went on to establish her London studio space. Particularly influenced by the innovative work of Sheila Hicks and minimalist designs of Anni Albers, Maria aims to highlight the importance of weaving through everyday, functional textiles.